Welcome! You may be an existing client, or perhaps you came across us searching for something that may help you and/or your organisation navigate what’s happening in the world right now. However you found us, we’re glad you did.  Our team are highly skilled and qualified in the field of psychological well-being and resilience and, in order to support organisations and individuals, we are currently working hard to provide our services online and interactively.

If you would like to discuss your individual or organisational needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We wish you well and look forward to meeting face-to-face when life returns to something like normal.

Imagine living a stress-free life…

Resilience is the difference between surviving and thriving.

Petros COVID-19 Policy for pre-booked or ongoing training and support.

Just like our physical health we all have mental health. Sometime it’s good, sometimes not. When it’s good we feel resilient. Resilient people can respond and adapt to whatever comes their way. Even when emotions are high, they have the skills to keep perspective, think clearly, focus on the main issue and remain optimistic.

 They may wobble but they don’t fall down.

Professor Jo Clarke and her team at Petros, have spent many years working in critical occupations, in some of the toughest workplace environments in the UK. Maximum security prisons, high secure psychiatric hospitals, policing, children in care – the team know first-hand the importance of looking after your mind. Regularly assessing risk in often dangerous situations, operating daily in difficult and unpredictable circumstances, both tactically and strategically, their experience and calibre of practical psychological support is second to none.

Regardless of the workplace, there are few, if any, challenges to mental health and psychological wellbeing that Jo and her team will not have encountered and addressed.

A not-for-profit organisation offering resilience assessment, consultancy, training and intervention. We’re dedicated to enhancing resilience for a stress-free, balanced and happy life, from childhood to adulthood, for individuals, families and organizations. Our goal is good mental health and emotional wellbeing for everyone.

Resilience assessment, consultancy, training and interventions.

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“Insightful, inspiring, effective. Real life skills for the real world…”

100% of delegates said they would recommend our Challenge of Change™ Course at our last event.

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Online courses available to book now

Due to the current health crisis we are not scheduling face-to-face courses. If you are interested in joining us when we recommence, please let us know and we will contact you. In the meantime, please read about our online learning and support.

Jo discusses resilience… listen to the podcast.

Resilience Training Programmes and Events

Developed for individuals and teams, creating more resilient, balanced and productive people, helping them to become free from stress, avoid anxiety and combat depression.

“Insightful, inspiring, effective. Real life skills for the real world…”

Our Petros Resilient Children Programme means we also work with teenagers, younger children and their parents to help build more resilient young people, families and stronger communities.

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Resilience for Organisations

Training and consultancy

See a dramatic reduction in sickness absence, a reduction of costs and rise in performance.

Develop a resilient culture with resilient people. From individual assessments and coaching, to training an entire workforce. A consultant of resilient practices, we’re here to support the aims and profitability of your organization. Our training modules include:

Challenge of Change
Mental Health Awareness
MindHealth for Managers
Trauma Preparedness
Decompression Sessions
Professional Style and Impact

Happy girls - collaborative and proactive solutions (CPS) Petros, UK

Resilience for Families and Young People

We work within schools and the wider community developing resilience in behaviourally challenging children and supporting their families.

Our child-centred interventions for teenagers and young people, who may be struggling with demands of growing up in an ever more complex world, are supported by work with key adults in their lives.

Teenage mental health for groups. Learn more our popular resilience programme for years 7 – 10 and our focused Year 11 Resilience Training for GCSE students.

Resilience Research

Evaluation of interventions and measuring psychological treatment effectiveness

Central to our values, we always aim to ensure that everything we do is as effective and sustainable as possible. As such, all aspects of our work are thoroughly evaluated.

In addition to being highly experienced practitioners, our core team also has an extensive academic background. This ensures access to the most up-to-date research, opportunities to bid for research funding and comprehensive knowledge of research design and methodology.