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Ensuring employees and business can thrive, not simply survive.

An award-winning team, we deliver evidence-based, highly effective prevention and early intervention mental health support  programmes. Through assessment, training and support, we reduce absenteeism, prevent costly incidents and increase resilience and staff retention. 

What does mental health at work mean to you?

Employee Assistance Programmes? Occupational Health services? Like the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, these are reactionary services. They pick up the pieces when the damage has already been done.

What if no one fell off the cliff?  What if there was no cliff?

Founder and Managing Director Professor Jo Clarke and her highly experienced team of experts provide consultancy, psychometric assessment, training, and research across multiple sectors and with a wealth of organisations throughout the UK and internationally.

Currently, mental health issues at work cost UK business £35 billion every year. That’s £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy. Coupled with an average cost of £16,000 to replace staff, factoring in recruitment, lost productivity and disruption, not to mention the personal cost to lives, can we afford not to address the issue of mind health at work?

Our comprehensive assessment tool, The Assessment of Dynamic Adaptation zeros in on potential vulnerabilities in your organisation, and we combine it with a framework of how and when to intervene with bespoke training and individual coaching.

Your finger on the pulse of your workforce’s wellbeing, reap the rewards of confident and safe workplaces, with high staff retention, lowered risk of accidents and increased productivity. Explore our robust and proven interventions to help avoid crisis and build strong, resilient individuals and teams.

Here for people, not for profit – Petros is a not-for-profit organisation.

Jo on Just Psychology podcast… listen here.

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Our sole purpose is to support you, your organisation, your team and your family to develop the skills needed to thrive.
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Developed for individuals and teams, creating more resilient, balanced and productive people, helping them to become free from stress, avoid anxiety and combat depression.