Petros - resilience training for good mental health

What we are, what we do, how we do it

We are an award-winning not-for-profit organisation established in 2013 by founder and Managing Director Professor Jo Clarke PhD.

We comprise a small team of experts in the fields of forensic, developmental and research psychology, mindfulness and psychotherapy. We also work with “lived-experience” experts to enhance the value of our training to organisations. 

We provide consultancy, assessment, training and research services to individuals and organisations seeking to develop resilience and enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. We are able to offer a suite of established and evidence-based individual and group interventions, as well as develop bespoke programmes based on organisational requirements that are grounded in research.

Petros can demonstrate empirically the impact of its training on sickness absence and retention, supporting the Chartered Institute of Personal Development evidence that for every £1 invested in the mental health of staff, there is a £5 return.

Prior to March 2020, most of our services were delivered face-to face, by phone, or via written advice. The pandemic and resultant national lockdown required a flexible and comprehensive response to ensure continuity of support. As a result, all Petros training that could safely (and ethically) be delivered online was transferred to a powerful interactive training platform that allowed for full participation in what might otherwise be very dry delivery.

Academic rigour
Regular interrogation of data from national organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Mind and Deloittes, as well as academic databases, ensures that the content of all Petros training remains current and responsive to new developments in the field. However, it is also important to remain vigilant to the integrity of a programme that has already demonstrated effectiveness. The academic experience of Petros associates means we understand how to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of an intervention, knowing that to make amendments based on anything other than evidence, may well compromise both. A core value of Petros is to ensure academic rigor in all that we do, and this applies to incorporating, maintaining and regularly reviewing programme content based on what works and the principles of responsivity.

Role, ability and needs
Owing to the diverse range of industries within which we work (for example, health, criminal justice, education, finance, leisure, engineering, private, public and third sector), both as Petros team members and as individual practitioners, we remain sensitive and responsive to the complex range of needs presented by them and the individuals within them. These include learning needs, cultural and religious needs, ability and disability needs, carer status, managerial position and so on. On a practical level, this may include adjusting timings of programmes to incorporate religious commitments or carer requirements. On a more intellectual or emotional level, it may involve consideration of grade differences among delegates that might influence contribution, or sensitivity to people’s existing or past mental health conditions. The Petros team are highly attuned to these issues and actively work to address them in sessions (whether they be training, supervisory, or coaching)

Rest assured…
Our work across diverse sectors and organisations also means we need to ensure we comply with both national and local equality and diversity practices, data protection and security procedures and always seek professional independent advice regarding changes in the law and best practice.

From a high security prison and an explosive child to an award-winning training company. Read The Petros Story by Prof. Jo Clarke PhD.

“Feedback from staff has been very positive, ranging from ‘the course ended too early for me’ to ‘since attending the course, I’ve not experienced any further migraines’. Perhaps its simplicity is what sets it apart: staff came expecting gimmicks and techniques, and instead went away with the understanding that they always have a choice or can ‘drop the peanut’.

In essence, the program is helping us introduce a common language across the business in relation to understanding that stress is always bad, whereas pressure can be good. We have had US/UK staff go through the training and it works across cultures.

Our corporate insurer regards this program as best practice and has helped with pilot funding. Demonstrating our commitment to the program longer-term, we have even seen our Employers’ Liability premium come down.”

M. D.  EME Risk Manager – Cummins

Petros Children’s Programme

Our Petros Resilient Children Programme means we also work with teenagers, younger children and their parents to help build more resilient young people, families and stronger communities.

Why are we not-for-profit

Lots of people think that not-for-profit means we don’t make any profit, which isn’t the case. It’s actually about what we do with profit we do make. 

It was both a personal and a business decision.  Our individual coaching and therapy services bring us into regular contact with people who are struggling.  Making a living out of supporting people making changes in their psychological life feels totally fine – making a profit that is then distributed amongst shareholders, doesn’t.  It’s really that simple.

In business terms, we can channel most of our profit back into the provision of our services to charities and individuals at a lower rate.  Our corporate clients know that their purchase of our services supports organisations that might not otherwise be able to afford what we offer.  We are also really happy for our corporate clients to nominate a charity they think might benefit from what we do.

Take a look at out Pay it Forward page to see who we have supported so far.

Resilience Training Courses and Events

We offer a range of programmes and training for individuals and teams, creating more resilient, balanced and productive people, helping them to become free from stress, avoid anxiety and combat depression.

“Insightful, inspiring, effective. Real life skills for the real world…”