Educational Assessments

Making Sense of Your Child’s Behaviour

Petros Private Educational Assessments for children up to 16 years’ of age.

Have you noticed that your child struggles to follow more than one or two instructions at a time or has difficulty getting organized in the mornings? Perhaps they find it hard to stick to one task for very long and get very easily distracted? You may suspect that they are very skilled at avoiding homework – at least some types of homework!

When children are having problems, it is vital to determine that any issues are not based in an underlying educational difficulty and the insights and understanding offered by a Comprehensive Educational Needs Assessment are invaluable.

Today, learning difficulties, for example dyslexia, are more commonly recognized within schools; however, issues such as impaired understanding of language; difficulties sustaining attention and comprehending what a child has read, can have a profound impact on a child’s ability to engage with learning, together with classroom and home behaviour.

Our assessment session will be tailored to your child and we use several questionnaires to determine any specific areas to be tested, for example a focus on reading or numeracy. Focusing on strengths, as well as weaknesses, our assessment can help you make sense of your child’s behaviour and provide you with supportive strategies to help at challenging times.  It can also offer a platform from which to work with schools in order to get the best and most appropriate support for your son or daughter. The activities during our assessments include puzzles, trying to pronounce nonsense words, describing what words mean, memory tests, story reading, and a whole host of things that somehow don’t feel like work!

If you, or your child’s teacher, have any concerns about how your child is doing at school, a comprehensive educational assessment will provide you with critical information and, as many parents have already reported, the reassurance and confidence that comes with knowledge.

Our assessments take place throughout the year (including the summer holidays) by Petros member Dr Sophie Brigstocke. Sophie is an Educational Psychologist registered with the Health Care and Professionals Council (HCPC) and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychologist Society. Appointments are only limited by demand.

Our assessment fee is £800 per report. This includes a second opinion on the report findings by Dr Val Muter, a London based clinical psychologist, who has considerable expertise on dyslexia and developmental disorders.

Please note we do not allow our reports to be used for tribunals.

“Thorough, kind, highly engaging and very helpful – Sophie was completely focused on my daughter; throughout the assessment Sophie made her feel good about herself, whilst also helping her understand the cause of her frustration and poor results at school. I came away feeling better informed and more equipped to help her. We can now work with the school to ensure my daughter receives the right level of teaching support. Highly recommended!”  Mrs F.  York

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