Mental Health Awareness for Managers

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A common area of concern for non-specialists is how to sensitively and effectively support someone experiencing a mental health condition.

Following on from the ‘Mental Health Awareness’ workshop, Mental Health Awareness for Managers is a highly practical and interactive course that gives managers an opportunity to explore what they can do to help staff feel safe, supported and understood.

It will also offer you an opportunity to explore the HR support that is available.

The aims of the programme:

To equip you, as a manager, to have the confidence and basic skills to support, communicate and interact with staff experiencing mental health conditions and distress.

The objectives:

  1. To normalise conversations about mental health.
  2. To identify and practice the skills associated with having a conversation with a member of staff about their mental health.
  3. To learn and consolidate the skills of listening, inquiring and reflecting back.
  4. To use previous “Building Resilience” techniques in these conversations.
  5. To identify strengths and areas of vulnerability in managing these conversations.

Length: Half-day course.

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“The third most commonly reported cause of stress in the work place is managerial style and yet only 22% of managers are trained in how to support staff.”

Rachel Suff – Senior Policy Advisor, CIPD

This training is a follow on programme and ideally participants will have already have attended the half-day Petros Mental Health Awareness Programme.

This training involves:
Demonstration and practice
Skills practice
Group work