Imagine living a stress-free life…

It’s the difference between surviving and thriving.

Working with our clients in resilience assessment, consultancy, training and interventions.

Petros is about people and how to empower them to thrive at school, at work and in life. Even though much of our work is delivered in organisations, what we do isn’t dependent on what you do.  This is why we are able to work with such a wide variety of organisations. Our clients range from social workers looking after vulnerable children to engineers building aeroplanes; from front line HR staff to CEO’s and Girl Guides because resilience is relevant to everyone, in all walks of life.  Our wide range of programmes are all designed to enhance our clients’ personal and professional resilience for individual and team development, strategy construction, evaluation, workshop facilitation and much more.  Here are some of the organisations that are investing in the resilience and wellbeing of their people through us…

Merseyside Police - Petros clients


Awarded to Ed Simpson and Jo Clarke

“In genuine appreciation of your support, professionalism and commitment in delivering a series of six bespoke mental health and resilience presentations to over 900 staff within the Investigations Department of Merseyside Police.

In doing so, you have raised our collective awareness around the critical nature of our role and how this might lead to psychological injury.  You have highlighted ways to recognise that in ourselves and others and finally, how to manage this type of injury and coping mechanisms to prevent it occurring.”

Mark Kameen – Detective Chief Superintendent

25th November 2019

Resilience Training Courses and Events

We offer a range of programmes and training for individuals and teams, creating more resilient, balanced and productive people, helping them to become free from stress, avoid anxiety and combat depression.

“Insightful, inspiring, effective. Real life skills for the real world…”

Our Petros Resilient Children Programme means we also work with teenagers, younger children and their parents to help build more resilient young people, families and stronger communities.