Imagine living a stress-free life… It’s the difference between surviving and really thriving.

“I had no idea what a difference those few hours would make!”
Course attendee, Lindley CE Infant School

Working with our clients in resilience assessment, consultancy, training and interventions.

Petros is about people and how to empower them to thrive at school, at work and in life. Even though much of our work is delivered in organisations, what we do isn’t dependent on what you do. This is why we are able to work with such a wide variety of organisations.
Our clients range from social workers looking after vulnerable children to engineers building aeroplanes; from front line HR staff to CEO’s and Girl Guides because resilience is relevant to everyone, in all walks of life.
Our wide range of programmes are all designed to enhance our clients’ personal and professional resilience for individual and team development, strategy construction, evaluation, workshop facilitation and much more. Here are some of the organisations that are investing in the resilience and wellbeing of their people through us…

Petros Clients and Case Studies

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How we make a tangible and measurable difference to the reduction in risk and sickness absence.
Together with
improvements in wellbeing and confidence at all levels and in all roles.

“I can honestly say, hand on heart, it’s one of the best courses I’ve even attended. Life changing!”
Course attendee, Lindley CE Infant School
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We Are This Can Happen 2021 Award Winners!

We are thrilled and delighted to be awarded 'Best Mental Health Consultancy' in This Can Happen Awards 2021 Download the eBook to read about all the 2021 winners, judging panel and criteria: This Can Happen Awards eBook 2021 | Petros | good mental [...]

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United Response

United Response Our work with a charity committed to making life better for people with disabilities The Head of Health and Safety at United Response approached the company’s insurer because of a seemingly intractable problem with workplace stress and high staff turnover.  Despite having [...]

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General Medical Council

General Medical Council A recent survey for Mind reported that just 11% of people would speak to their manager about their mental health (Pulse Survey April 2020). The GMC reports 85% and this is recognised as largely due to their long-term partnership with Petros. [...]

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Good Mental Health Costs Less

Good Mental Health Costs Less Justice System Staff Resilience and Trauma Preparedness Training We deliver training for the UK justice system, supporting staff and managers whose roles put them into challenging and often potentially traumatic situations every day. Giving them the tools to be [...]