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CSR opportunity supporting children, teenagers, parents and charities

Donate today and help us ‘pay it forward’ to create happy, resilient communities and individuals.

Pay it Forward Programme recipients:

Manchester Citizens Advice
Guide Dogs
Global Disinformation Index
Lindley CE Infant School
Norfolk County Council- Children’s Services
Girl Guides Association

Our Pay It Forward Petros Resilient Children Programme means we work with teenagers, younger children and their parents to help build more resilient young people, families and stronger communities.

We are a not-for-profit organisation. That doesn’t mean we don’t make a profit, we do; however, our profit doesn’t go to shareholders, it goes to funding our work with people and charities that otherwise would not be able to afford our expert resilience assessment, consultancy, training and intervention.

Enhance your CSR strategy and goals, pay it forward by donating to our programme of work within schools and the wider community.

Developing resilience in behaviourally challenging children and supporting their families. our child-centred interventions for teenagers and young people, who may be struggling with demands of growing up in an ever more complex world, are supported by work with key adults in their lives.

  • Resilience programme for school years’ 7 – 10 and our focused Year 11 Resilience Training for GCSE students.
  • Consilium: Founder Dr Jo Clarke sits on the Board of Consilium, an alternative provision for children who don’t thrive in mainstream education
  • Refugee Action York (RAY): support and supervision for a senior support worker
  • Migrant leaders: mentoring young women who are entering higher education.
  • Schools: providing reduced rate resilience training to primary and secondary staff
  • Support for families with challenging children

We’re dedicated to enhancing resilience for a stress-free, balanced and happy life, from childhood to adulthood, for individuals, families and organisations. Our goal is good mental health and emotional wellbeing for everyone.

From a high security prison and an explosive child to an award-winning training company, find out how and why Petros began from Founder and Director Dr. Jo Clarke PhD, read The Petros Story.

Within our Pay It Forward Programme we work with…