Petros is about Resilience

Established by a small group of highly experienced and qualified forensic and educational psychologists, we work across diverse sectors and contexts.

We offer assessment, training, intervention, professional supervision, coaching, and consultancy and all our team have worked within large organizations, as well as independently.

We are also all parents.

Jo Clarke PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, EuroPsy HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist

Founder and Director

During 23 years of working in the criminal justice system, Jo’s attention has focused on the concept of resilience, both for individuals and the organizations in which they live and, or, work.

For criminal justice staff, questions about surviving and thriving in roles that often involve exposure to potential trauma led Jo to undertake a PhD in the area. Since its completion in 2004, she has worked with a wide variety of organizations and individuals applying research evidence to practice, to enhance psychological well-being.

In 2003, Jo became accredited to deliver The Challenge of Change resilience training; an evidence-based intervention developed by Dr. Derek Roger of the Work Skills Centre. Jo is a regular speaker, both nationally and internationally on the subject of individual and organizational resilience and has authored a number of chapters and papers on the subject.

Since 2013, Jo has been working with challenging and disruptive children. Training with Dr. Ross Greene in the application of The Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) model, Jo is committed to finding ways of enhancing the resilience skills so often lacking in such children, whilst also supporting parents, carers and professionals charged with their care. Jo is the first person in the UK accredited to deliver the one-day CPS programme. Jo is also currently an external examiner for the MSc in Forensic Psychology and Mental Health at Queen Mary’s University, London.

A mum of a now adult daughter and foster carer of teenagers, Jo also has a menagerie of animals, including a registered therapy dog and two horses in training to assist in interventions with children.

Di Gammage MA HCPC Registered Dramatherapist & UKCP Registered Child & Adult Psychotherapist\r\n

With 25 years’ experience working in the area of trauma and abuse, Di is a State Registered Dramatherapist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Association of Dramatherapists (BADth) and Play Therapists (BAPT).  Di was invited onto the UK Council for Psychotherapy Child Register via the Northern School of Child Psychotherapy in recognition of her clinical experience and publications in child therapy. Her adult training is in Buddhist Psychotherapy.  Di has been Co-director of Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship Project, Devon, and has published and presented on the benefits of equine therapy, particularly for looked-after children who have experienced attachment breakdown. She lectures on the Terapia Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy programme in London and currently chairs the Viva panel at Terapia.

Her interest in resilience has developed over years of practicing as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

Di and Jo met as mums-to-be and their now grown-up daughters have also forged a deep friendship. Di also has a adult son, cameraman partner and her own collection of cats, horses and Mopperley the dog.

Maxine Daniels DPsych, BSc (Hons) BPA Registered Senior Trainer - Petros

Maxine Daniels  DPsych., BSc (Hons),
BPA registered Senior Trainer, UKCP registered Psychotherapist

Maxine started life as an actress and formed her own drama based learning company 25 years ago.  She has had a varied career working in the corporate world and public sector using actors to develop and present ‘real life’ scenarios to help organizations manage change. Companies have included the Lord Chancellor’s Department, Philips Electronics, Colgate Palmolive, South East Rail Network, Lloyds bank, NHS and education to name but a few. At one time she organized school tours for students aged 14 to 18 years looking at future options including interview skills. At the same time Maxine had a parallel career with the prison service delivering role-play training and skills practices for offending behaviour treatment programmes. With this work she moved into the therapeutic field and trained to become a psychotherapist specializing in psychodrama.

After completing her Doctorate in Psychotherapy at Metanoia in 2012 she has recently become an Academic Advisor on the Doctorate Programme by Professional Studies at Metanoia. Her own doctorate research explored role-play as a therapeutic tool with offenders in treatment programmes. Maxine is a Senior Trainer with the London Centre for Psychodrama.

She is married to a professional musician and is often seen at gig’s collecting the entrance fee for her husband’s blues band. She has two daughters one who is following in her father’s footsteps by playing jazz trumpet and her other daughter has completed her studies in political sociology.

Ed Simpson - Petros People

Ed Simpson

Ed joined the Police Service in 1995, initially working for West Yorkshire Police in his hometown of Bradford, before transferring to North Yorkshire Police in 2003. Ed then remained at North Yorkshire Police until his retirement in 2016 on medical grounds, following a prolonged battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression.

During his service Ed was well known for his caring and compassionate policing style, maintaining a victim focus and, through his work as a dedicated Neighbourhood Police Officer, always striving to bring local communities together.

Ed was also a Police Family Liaison Officer working with families whose loved ones had died as a result of road traffic Collisions, murder or manslaughter. It was dealing with one particular family’s grief that Ed developed PTSD. However, it wasn’t until four years later, in 2012, while Ed was working as a Custody Sergeant in York, that this developed into a severe episode of depression that almost cost him his life.

On return to work Ed took the decision to be open with colleagues about why he had been absent (not something spoken about in the emergency services at that time). He expected to be the only sufferer, but he found quite the opposite to be true.

Ed now speaks about his career experience to audiences all over the country, working closely with the national mental health charity MIND on their Blue Light program, aimed at raising awareness and challenging the stigma of mental health illness within the emergency services. Despite his eventual medical retirement, after 21 years’ experience as a Police Officer, Ed continues to tell his story to public and private organisations, to educate, inform and inspire. 

Importantly, Ed is also a stay-at-home-dad with two school-aged children, both of whom love to provide him with plenty of new daily challenges.

Laura Vialle - Petros Administrator

Laura Vialle

Business Manager

Laura is likely to be the person you speak to or connect with about training, event bookings, course programmes, diaries and logistics. Laura is also part of the marketing and communication support.

The admin glue for many years, local to York and with a young family, Laura ensures people are where they’re supposed to be, meetings diaried, deadlines are met and rooms booked, together with so much more!  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries and Laura will respond as fast as she can!


Ned Hoste FRSA

Brand and communications

Ned started his first business at 14, then at 15 as a professional designer on a national magazine and has never lost the buzz. After studying Graphic Design at art college for 4 years moved on to work in-house at a London publisher. He set up 2H design in 1986 and has worked on book projects for all the mainstream UK publishers and many international projects with authors as diverse as Kirk Douglas, Jeffrey Archer, Jilly Cooper and The Rolling Stones.

In 2007, Ned set up the Big Ideas Collective (BIG), with co-director Jacky Fitt; a virtual agency specialising in brand development and articulation of brand messages on and offline. We work with businesses all over the UK working long term with companies and organizations helping to build brands based on values. BIG has won 2 major green awards for their business model, The Green Dot Award in 2008 and the Green Award from Investors in the Environment in 2016.

The BIG philosophy is to work with sustainable businesses with a particular interest in social enterprises that understand that enterprise has to work in balance with the social, and without the enterprise the social part of the business will not be sustainable.

2014 BIG launched The Big Ideas Library to publish Independent authors book to the standard of the mainstream publishers.

Ned now also runs TEDx workshops and spoken on the Goldman Sachs 20K small business programme on the good business module and is ILM qualified. He is also the co-founder of the online short story community.

Proud father of Katy and partner of mosaic artist Alison Hepburn, Ned has known Jo since Katy and Madi were about 6 months old.

Jacky Fitt

Jacky Fitt FRSA

Content and Social

Award winning author, editor and copywriter, Jacky’s work is all about listening, understanding and articulating ideas and concepts through words; persuasive, engaging and informative. Raising profiles and profitability online and in print. Co-founder and Director of The Big Ideas Collective with graphic designer Ned Hoste, Jacky is also Social and Digital Editor of on online arts subscription website. A TEDx speaker, Jacky’s first book, How to Get Inside Someone’s Mind and Stay There won the 2015 Small Business Book Community Choice Award in Marketing. The book, now fully revised for 2018, is currently published by Business Expert Press in the US.

Jacky is a mum of two amazing young women who are a constant source of love, exhaustion and fun (but mainly fun).


Sophie Brigstocke, PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS\r\n HCPC Registered Educational Psychologist

Sophie is an Educational Psychologist with expertise in identifying a wide range of learning profiles; the main focus being the recognition and understanding of a child’s unique pattern of educational strengths and weaknesses within the classroom, enabling those working with the child to engage with them in the most effective manner possible.  Whilst learning difficulties such as dyslexia are more commonly recognized within school these days, more hidden learning difficulties such as impaired understanding of language, difficulties sustaining attention and difficulties comprehending what a child has read can have a profound effect on a child’s ability to engage with learning and consequently on their behavior in the classroom. When a child is having difficulties behaving in the classroom it is vital to ascertain that this is not due to an underlying educational difficulty.

Sophie believes in the importance of in-depth assessment of a child’s profile in order to promote their relative strengths in order to overcome the areas in which they experience difficulty. With appropriate intervention, the child will gradually achieve their targets and come to see learning as a rewarding and positive experience in which they can succeed. Each small goal achieved can be seen as evidence of their success which will, over time, build the resilience needed to tackle the next target. This resilience becomes increasingly important as the difficulty of the curriculum increases.

Sophie has a particular interest in reading, language and numeracy difficulties and has worked clinically and for research purposes with children of different ages and with a variety of developmental learning difficulties. Sophie brings this highly practical experience to her Masters level lectures on educational assessment and developmental difficulties at the University of York. She also works part time as a Schools Engagement Trainer for the Anna Freud Centre.

Sophie is also a mother to two school-aged children and has hands-on experience of the challenges and rewards of bringing up a family.

Tracy Brookes, MSc., C.Psychol., HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist

With a background in Forensic Psychology and two decades working within the criminal justice system, including prison, mental health and wider community, Tracy is chartered by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and registered by the Health Professions Council (HPC).

Tracy has been involved in both the assessment and treatment of offenders, delivery of national training to a range of professions and become involved in supporting other trainee psychologists in their route towards qualification with the BPS and HPC.

More recently, Tracy has worked as a Lecturer at The University of York which led to her contribution to a publication. She continues to work directly with offenders and staff, working as a practitioner in a medium secure unit.

It is through her experiences of working with offenders, as well as being a parent to two school-aged children, which has led to her desire to improve the support offered to challenging children and their parents!

Rebecca Milner, PhD, MSc., C.Psychol., AFBPsS

HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist

Rebecca is a Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience of working within the criminal justice system. Rebecca’s focus has been on the assessment and treatment of offenders, designing national treatment and training programmes and the clinical supervision and training of staff. Rebecca is trained in a variety of risk assessment and intervention methods and has conducted applied research in the field. She is committed to evidence-based practice and the evaluation of therapeutic interventions.

Having worked as a lecturer at The University of York, and also having completed her PhD examining the process of desistance in male offenders, her interests now focus on young people who have become involved in the criminal justice system. She currently provides clinical supervision to staff working with young offenders.

Rebecca is also a mum to two school-aged boys who provide her with an abundance of fun and interesting challenges.

Claudine Bowyer-Crane PhD, C.Psychol

Claudine studied Psychology at the University of York. In 1999 she joined the Centre for Reading and Language as a PhD student in to study children’s reading comprehension.

Following this she carried out a Post Doctoral Fellowship investigating children’s reading and language intervention.  Since that time her research has focused on developing, implementing and evaluating school based interventions to support children’s early reading and language development.  Most recently she has been working on research focused on supporting children learning English as an Additional Language. While at the Centre for Reading and Language, Claudine worked in the clinic carrying out assessments for children with specific learning difficulties and providing recommendations for support.  Like other members of the Petros team, Claudine firmly believes in identifying children’s individual strengths and areas of difficulty in order to provide appropriate and effective support.

Claudine is now a member of the Psychology in Education Centre based in the Department of Education at the University of York.

• She is programme leader for the BSc Psychology in Education.

• She is continuing to develop work in the area of reading and language intervention.

• She is also a mum of two.