Resilience for Organisations

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“People who are resilient work smarter and can successfully negotiate the inevitable changes that are the one certainty of life”

Changing work practices, the introduction of new technology, changing markets and the fast paced demands of our everyday lives mean that we are all under pressure and it can be challenging to balance our working and home lives.

Ensuring resilience for business means promoting positive outlook, protection from stress and better performance for the whole organisation.

In order to adapt and thrive in whatever situation we find ourselves in we need to be resilient. Some of us naturally have in-built resilience, some do not. The good news is that resilience can be taught.

Resilient businesses and organisations have a lower rate of sickness absenteeism, a healthier, more positive workforce and greater profitability.

How resilient is your organisation?

Find out how Decompression Sessions support the good mental health of professionals in critical occupations.

Challenge of Change

Suitable for individuals, executive teams, organisation wide programmes and support.

The Challenge of Change Resilience Training Programme (CoC) created by Derek Roger turns conventional stress management on its head and contradicts the widely held view that some stress is good for you. So, what’s the answer to finding greater contentment, better performance and a healthier life?

Find out more about the Challenge of Change resilience training delivered in the UK by Petros.

Mental Health Awareness

Suitable for individuals

Half-day Programme

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health issue in our lifetimes, this programme is for anyone, particularly those working directly with the general public and professional colleagues for greater understanding of issues around mental health, stigma and support.

Find out more about our Petros Mental Health Awareness Training here…

MindHealth for Managers

Suitable for managers and leaders

Full-day programme

Offering a unique and exclusive combination of an empirically tested model applied to real life situations, this one-day programme enables attendees to immerse themselves in an authentic case study. They will experience, first-hand, ways of addressing and supporting people to reduce the risk of experiencing mental ill health.

 Find out more about our Petros MindHealth for Managers here…

Professional Style and Impact

Suitable for managers and leaders 

One-day programme

Focussing on the more personal elements of professional impact. We look at the psychology of human interaction, the art of effective leadership and the tools to increase professional conduct and confidence.

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