Resilience for Organisations

“People who are resilient work smarter and can successfully negotiate the inevitable changes that are the one certainty of life”

Changing work practices, the introduction of new technology, changing markets and the fast paced demands of our everyday lives mean that we are all under pressure and it can be challenging to balance our working and home lives.

Ensuring resilience for business means promoting positive outlook, protection from stress and better performance for the whole organisation.

In order to adapt and thrive in whatever situation we find ourselves in we need to be resilient. Some of us naturally have in-built resilience, some do not. The good news is that resilience can be taught.

Resilient businesses and organisations have a lower rate of sickness absenteeism, a healthier, more positive workforce and greater profitability.

How resilient is your organisation?

Wherever you are, we can be with you…

Supporting executives, teams, individuals and people around the world through our online learning programmes.

In uncertain times, our personal resilience and judgement will be called upon to think and act in the right way to support ourselves, our families and livelihoods. Together, we can work through this period of change and help you, not simply to survive, but positively thrive. We currently deliver a range of resilience and mental health support online learning programmes.

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Be Kind to Your Mind

Easily accessible, evidence-based, engaging and effective, our online series has been specifically designed to introduce people to fascinating and useful insights around:

• What resilience really means

• The difference between our brain and our mind

• Why we feel the way we do and the value of all emotions

• Why we respond in the way that we do and how we can regulate it

• What we can do to help ourselves and make changes if we need to

An excellent way to learn about wellbeing in short manageable bursts with supportive, long-lasting resources, Be Kind to Your Mind also provides your organisation with a common and judgement-free language to help people talk confidently about our minds and how to keep them healthy.

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MindHealth for Managers

Offering a unique and exclusive combination of an empirically tested model applied to real life situations, our MindHealth for Managers one-day programme enables attendees to immerse themselves in an authentic case study. They will experience, first-hand, ways of addressing and supporting people to reduce the risk of experiencing mental ill health, leaving them…

• More informed about mental health.

• More empowered to use their knowledge.

• More competent to apply a validated model of wellbeing, both to themselves and those they manage.

• With greater confidence in supporting those struggling with mental health.

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Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

Decompression Sessions

Regular Decompression Sessions (DCS) help to prevent the build-up of pressure and can identify escalating symptoms of distress before they become debilitating.

What is the aim?

To PREVENT work related distress and critical impact on psychological wellbeing.

 What happens in a Decompression Session?

A DCS is personal, facilitated time for an individual to literally decompress, or unload. Designed to provide critical occupation staff or anyone in a frontline, public facing role, an opportunity to discuss their work and its impact in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

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The Challenge of Change

Imagine being empowered to make the choice not to ‘stress’? Not to ruminate and make yourself anxious – this is what the Challenge of Change offers.

The Challenge of Change defines stress as ‘ruminating about emotional upset’. Going over and over all the things in your life that you can’t change or might never happen, which is, self-evidently, a miserable thing to do.

The Challenge of Change programme has consistently been shown to reduce sickness absence and staff turnover, while increasing job satisfaction and levels of resilience. Realizing demonstrable effects, irrespective of the sector in which it is delivered, including Media, Criminal Justice, Construction, Engineering, Social Care to name just a few.

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Mental Health Awareness

Suitable for individuals

Half-day Programme

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health issue in our lifetimes, this programme is for anyone, particularly those working directly with the general public and professional colleagues for greater understanding of issues around mental health, stigma and support.

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MindHealth for Managers

Train the Trainer Programme

Proactive, flexible and cost effective… have you thought about in-house training?

Prevention is better than cure… build the resilience of your organisation; increase wellbeing and decrease stress-related absence and ‘burnout’ through our MindHealth for Managers (MHfM) Train the Trainer Programme.

A highly cost effective option, ensuring members of your in-house team have the ability to deliver high quality mental health training is a good way to embed consistent delivery and readily available, on-going support. In association with our MHfM Programme, using our Model of Adaptation (MDA) and exclusive video case studies, we have developed a ‘train the trainer’ programme to enable public and private sector organisations to roll out their own MHfM training.

Discover more about Mindhealth for Managers Train the Trainer Programme.

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Professional Style and Impact

The qualities and characteristics of turning a good manager into a great leader…

Aimed at managers and aspiring leaders in all sectors, this training focusses on the more personal elements of professional impact.

When you walk into a room, lead a meeting, present a pitch, give feedback or just try and get your point across, do you understand your style and impact?

This training involves:
Group work
Small group exercises

It considers the qualities and characteristics that turn good managers into great leaders by considering specific skills such as use of language, effective listening and presence in a crowd. It draws heavily on the resilience skills trained in The Challenge of Change training and is a highly interactive session.

Discover more about our Professional Style and Impact session.

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Clinically Proven Eight Week Course to Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Many of us live our lives in a state of waking sleep…

  • Very often we do things automatically, without noticing what we’re doing.
  • We churn out judgments about ourselves and others.
  • We try to do ten things at once.
  • We frequently get so caught up in thoughts and feelings about the past or future that we get lost in them, effectively disconnecting from what is happening right in front of us.

Mindfulness seeks to develop awareness of the present moment and, in so doing, support better sleep, problem solving, wellbeing and good mental health.

Discover more about our Mindfulness programme.

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Trauma Preparedness Training

Prevention is always better than a cure

We have developed a new and unique  one day Trauma Preparedness training to significantly reduce the risk of staff being harmed by their work.  Far preferable to picking up the pieces once damage has been done.

Some jobs are unique in terms of the likelihood of exposure to potentially traumatic experiences. Such experiences may include direct exposure to events that can result in a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)*and/or involve work that exposes them to other people’s trauma.

These jobs are critical, not just to the wellbeing of the communities they serve, but also in terms of the critical pressure exerted on the psychological wellbeing of the professionals in those roles. Examples of critical occupations (COs) include policing, prison work, social work, fire and rescue, and many front-line health services.

Discover more about the Trauma Preparedness Training Programme.

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Resilience for Frontline Staff

Stress is never a good thing. If fills our heads with worry and anxiety, it stops us thinking clearly and makes us miserable.

Pressure, on the other hand, is important.

Pressure is the “demand to perform”. We are all under pressure all the time, but levels go up and down. For many people at the moment, the pressure feels full on.

Pressure gets turned into stress by thinking. To stop pressure turning into stress we need to manage our minds. This can take some practice, but it is doable and well worth the effort!

Discover more about resilience for frontline staff and how we can support you.

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Criminal Justice Support

Our team have in-depth, expert knowledge and experience of working within and supporting the Criminal Justice system.

Founder and Director of Petros Professor Jo Clarke PhD, worked within the sector for 23 years, supporting people in highly demanding jobs and situations that often involved exposure to potential trauma.

Jo’s work in the field led to her PhD and development of the Model of Dynamic Adaptation; a unique methodology designed to support organisations and individuals to, not simply cope, but manage mindhealth in a positive and productive way.

Discover our Criminal Justice support and our range of guides for:

  • Frontline Staff
  • Prisoners
  • Senior Prison Leaders
Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

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