Petros - resilience training for good mental health

Imagine living a stress-free life…

It’s the difference between surviving and thriving.

We are an Aviva Specialist Partner

We work with people in all sectors and industries to achieve balance; optimizing performance at work and good mental health. We deliver resilience assessment, consultancy, training and interventions with lasting impact and great results.

Petros is about people and how to empower them to thrive at school, at work and in life. 

Even though much of our work is delivered in organisations, what we do isn’t dependent on what you do.  This is why we are able to work with such a wide variety of organisations. Our clients range from social workers looking after vulnerable children to executive teams and engineers building aeroplanes; from front line HR staff to CEO’s and Girl Guides because resilience is relevant to everyone, in all walks of life.

Our wide range of programmes are all designed to enhance personal and professional resilience for individual and team development, strategy construction, evaluation, workshop facilitation and much more.

A selection of our training programmes include:

Aviva Specialist Partner | Petros | good mental health
Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

Be Kind to Your Mind

Easily accessible, evidence-based, engaging and effective, our online series has been specifically designed to introduce people to fascinating and useful insights around:

• What resilience really means

• The difference between our brain and our mind

• Why we feel the way we do and the value of all emotions

• Why we respond in the way that we do and how we can regulate it

• What we can do to help ourselves and make changes if we need to

An excellent way to learn about wellbeing in short manageable bursts with supportive, long-lasting resources, Be Kind to Your Mind also provides your organisation with a common and judgement-free language to help people talk confidently about our minds and how to keep them healthy.

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Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

Mindhealth for Managers

Offering a unique and exclusive combination of an empirically tested model applied to real life situations, our MindHealth for Managers one-day programme enables attendees to immerse themselves in an authentic case study. They will experience, first-hand, ways of addressing and supporting people to reduce the risk of experiencing mental ill health, leaving them…

• More informed about mental health.

• More empowered to use their knowledge.

• More competent to apply a validated model of wellbeing, both to themselves and those they manage.

• With greater confidence in supporting those struggling with mental health.

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Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

Decompression Sessions

Regular Decompression Sessions (DCS) help to prevent the build-up of pressure and can identify escalating symptoms of distress before they become debilitating.

What is the aim?

To PREVENT work related distress and critical impact on psychological wellbeing.

 What happens in a Decompression Session?

A DCS is personal, facilitated time for an individual to literally decompress, or unload. Designed to provide critical occupation staff or anyone in a frontline, public facing role, an opportunity to discuss their work and its impact in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

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Mindfulness - Petros - good mental health for all

The Challenge of Change

Imagine being empowered to make the choice not to ‘stress’? Not to ruminate and make yourself anxious – this is what the Challenge of Change offers.

The Challenge of Change defines stress as ‘ruminating about emotional upset’. Going over and over all the things in your life that you can’t change or might never happen, which is, self-evidently, a miserable thing to do.

The Challenge of Change programme has consistently been shown to reduce sickness absence and staff turnover, while increasing job satisfaction and levels of resilience. Realizing demonstrable effects, irrespective of the sector in which it is delivered, including Media, Criminal Justice, Construction, Engineering, Social Care to name just a few.

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Our highly experienced team have worked in some of the most challenging workplaces…

Founder and Director Professor Jo Clarke and her team have spent many years working in critical occupations, in some of the toughest workplace environments in the UK. Maximum security prisons, high secure psychiatric hospitals, policing, children in care – the team know first-hand the importance of looking after your mind.

Regularly assessing risk in often dangerous situations, operating daily in difficult and unpredictable circumstances, both tactically and strategically, their experience and calibre of practical psychological support is second to none.

Professor Jo Clarke | Founder Petros | good mental health for all | resilience for life

Jo Clarke – Founder and Director
PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, EuroPsy

Di Gammage - Petros People - good mental health for all

Di Gammage
MA Core Process Psychotherapist
UKCP Registered Child & Adult Psychotherapist

Maxine Daniels - Petros People - good mental health for all

Maxine Daniels 
DPsych., BSc (Hons),
BPA registered Senior Trainer
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Laura Vialle - Petros Administrator

Laura Vialle – Business Manager

Proud to be an Aviva Specialist Partner, read what our clients say, you’ll find testimonials for our work here.

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