Be Kind To Your Mind

A short, practical and highly effective online series to enhance mental health and build resilience

“I wanted to say thank you to you and your team for putting on such great training for our employees… Providing the tools for people to create there own success for years to come.”

Lynsey Elliott CBS HR Leader – Europe – Cummins Business Services

Delegate feedback:  “Excellent to know how the mind affects the body.”  “… this was awesome.”  “Interesting to know that instinct is good.”

For every £1 invested in the mental health and wellbeing of staff, there is a minimum £5 return to the organisation. 

Benefits to the organisation can include:

• Improved performance

• Increased competence

• Reduced sickness

• Greater retention

• Fewer conflicts

• Fewer grievances

• Improved management

• Fewer customer complaints

It’s clear that investing in the wellbeing of your staff pays dividends. 

With our world of work changing in new and life-altering ways, the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of our staff is critical to the ability of all our organisations to adapt and thrive.

Engaging, Effective and Evidence-based

Be Kind to Your Mind is a short, practical and impactful online series, developed by our in-house team of experts to help you support and improve the mind health of your teams and individuals.

Try our Be Kind to Your Mind Introduction and Taster Session 

We offer a 50-minute introductory session for our Be Kind to Your Mind programme. Delivered by Petros founder Dr. Jo Clarke, it’s a great way to gain an insight into our valuable and varied content, audience engagement and format.

“Thank you very much for giving us practical tips I can implement immediately.”

Easily accessible, evidence-based, engaging and effective, our online series has been specifically designed to introduce people to fascinating and useful insights around:

• What resilience really means

• The difference between our brain and our mind

• Why we feel the way we do and the value of all emotions

• Why we respond in the way that we do and how we can regulate it

• What we can do to help ourselves and make changes if we need to

An excellent way to learn about wellbeing in short manageable bursts with supportive, long-lasting resources, Be Kind to Your Mind also provides your organisation with a common and judgement-free language to help people talk confidently about our minds and how to keep them healthy.

Be Kind to Your Mind Core Programme of 8 Episodes

1What is Resilience
2Your Brain and Your Mind – not the same thing
3Emotion and Intuition
4The Physiology of Emotion
5Emotional Regulation and Helping Others
6Compassion and Mindfulness
7The Four Sights
8Cognitive Skills

Additional Optional Episodes 

AParenting Special – how to develop resilience in your children
BEnergy Management
DOrganisational Resilience

“Nice to spend time looking after your mind…” 

Originally developed for one of our multinational clients, in response to the extraordinary circumstances presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Be Kind to Your Mind has proved so popular that we have made the series available and relevant to any organisation that is serious about supporting and developing the wellbeing of its staff.

Each episode is approximately 50 minutes long and is presented by one or more of the Petros team. Delivery is via Zoom and incorporates Mentimeter, thus offering interactive participation.

All recorded episodes are also complemented by Mentimeter slides, offering participants a record of all the (anonymous) contributions.

A dedicated workbook accompanies each episode for participants to keep their own notes and build a permanent resource. The aim is that by the end of the series participants will have their own personalised “manual” to take care of themselves, their colleagues and their loved ones.

A further feature is access to a tailored exercise programme. Designed by our highly qualified and experienced personal trainer, Tom Lininsh, the exercises complement each episode’s theme. For example, exercises for resilience, exercises to improve mood and exercises that develop skills. 

Each episode, Mentimeter slide deck, workbook and exercise programme is made available through a dedicated, private page on the Petros website for the duration of the licence term.

For organisations wishing to adopt the programme as part of an induction process, as a personal development target or just to record active participation, each episode has a short, multiple choice quiz of easy questions for completion.

And finally, all our participating organisations will be awarded the Petros kite mark for mind health for use on their online or printed material.

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To discuss any aspect of the Be Kind to Your Mind series or our wider work, please get in touch.

Petros was founded by Jo Clarke PhD, C.Psychol., AFBPsS, EuroPsy HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist.

With many years’ working in some of the toughest workplace environments in the UK, Jo and her team offer an extraordinary level of experience and professionalism in the field of resilience and mental health. 

Petros brings this unparalleled wealth of expertise to the private, corporate and public sector as the team support people of all ages and from all walks of life to live more resilient, balanced and productive lives. A not-for-profit company, all profits are put to work supporting some of the most vulnerable and damaged in our society, who would otherwise be unable to access this level of support.

Discover who we work with and more about our full range of programmes, the Good Stuff Blogs and more resources at

“You and your team put a lot of time and thought into the training to understand what the needs were of employees during these unusual times.  You provide a much higher level of understanding of their own thoughts and feelings to be able to change them.”

Lynsey Elliott, CBS HR Leader – Europe – Cummins Business Services

Choose your Be Kind to Your Mind Programme level of service

Be Kind to Your Mind Core Episode Content

Episode 1: What is resilience?

• A brief look at the history of the term resilience.

• What the research tells us is and isn’t resilience.

• What psychologists think resilience is.

• How Petros describes resilience.

• The skills of resilience: how we can learn and practice resilience, especially when the chips are down.

Episode 2: Your brain and your mind – not the same thing

• How our brains process stuff – the mechanics (in brief – it’s fascinating!)

• The Resilience Cocktail (not as tasty as it sounds)

• How our minds make sense of stuff – some theories of mind (made up by psychologists, but they’re quite useful to know)

• Presence of mind vs absent mindedness

Episode 3: Emotion and intuition

• What is emotion?

•How is it generated – the link to thinking (stories)

• Where does intuition come from – the mind gut connection

• Why and how we should listen to our gut feelings

Episode 4:  The physiology of emotion

• Fight flight freeze – the all-important survival response

• The physiology of feeling good (endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine etc)

• How managing our minds impacts on our body – relaxation and meditation

Episodes 5 – 9 focus on the skills that can help us build resilience

Episode 5: Emotional regulation

Top tips for managing our feelings and how to help others do the same

Episode 6:  Compassion and Mindfulness

Understanding mindfulness and the importance of compassion – especially to yourself! How to become your own best friend

Episode 7: The four sights

Understanding the importance of: Insight, Foresight, Hindsight, Oversight and how all these different ways of seeing can help us keep our balance.

Episode 8: Cognitive Skills

• Problem-solving

• Consequential thinking

• Perspective

• Flexibility

• Impulse Control

Additional Episodes Level 2 and 3

Episode A: Parenting Special

Understanding children’s brains and how they differ from adults. Hints and tips for helping your children build resilience and respond well to the pressure of modern childhood.

Episode B: Energy Management

According to many experts, managing our energy levels is key to performance and wellbeing. This episode looks at the four recognised domains of energy:

• Physical

• Emotional

• Mental

• Spiritual

And how to balance expenditure and recovery in all four areas.

(Based on the work of Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz)

Episode C: Sleep

Sleep is critical to wellbeing and often the first thing that suffers when life gets tough. This episode draws together the most recent research on sleep and how to develop to good sleep habits.

Episode D: Organisational Resilience

Based on a unique and validated model, exclusive to Petros, this episode looks at the role the organisation plays in the resilience of its staff, focusing on how to maximise the culture for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Additional 1 day Training Programmes 

1. Maintaining Professional Boundaries

2. The Challenge of Change™

3. MindHealth for Managers

4. Trauma Preparedness

5. Professional Style and Impact

If you would like to talk to us about running this series for your teams, please get in touch to register your interest.