Professional Style and Impact

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The qualities and characteristics of turning a good manager into a great leader…

Aimed at managers and aspiring leaders in all sectors, this training focusses on the more personal elements of professional impact.

It considers the qualities and characteristics that turn good managers into great leaders by considering specific skills such as use of language, effective listening and presence in a crowd. It draws heavily on the resilience skills trained in The Challenge of Change training and is a highly interactive session.

The aims of the training:

  • An understanding of the underpinning psychology of human interactions.
  • A knowledge of how psychology influences professional conduct.
  • The skills to improve and develop professional confidence.
  • An understanding of the language of leadership and the impact of effective leadership skills.

The objectives, on completion you will:

  1. Have identified leadership qualities that you possess and those you would like to acquire.
  2. Be able to identify the risks and challenges presented by those qualities.
  3. Understand the five components of leadership based on the principles of the Challenge of Change.
  4. Have practiced your listening skills and be able to identify potential roadblocks to listening.
  5. Understand the difference between evaluation and observation and how the use of language demonstrates this difference.
  6. Understand the art of good feedback.
  7. Understand the principles of motivation and specific methods to motivate others.

Length of course: one day

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When you walk into a room, lead a meeting, present a pitch, give feedback or just try and get your point across, do you understand your style and impact?

This training involves:
Group work
Small group exercises