The Assessment of Dynamic Adaptation®

A measure of thriving at work

The Assessment of Dynamic Adaptation ® (ADA) is a psychologically informed approach to assessing the wellbeing of you and your staff.

Underpinning all Petros programmes and interventions.  With the world becoming a more demanding place, wouldn’t you rather prevent and prevail than allow to fail?

The ADA®

A comprehensive psychometric assessment, the ADA® is designed to help individuals and organisations measure the most critical characteristics that can predict thriving at work.  Watch our short video to find out more…

The ADA® is also designed to be used alongside our Model of Dynamic Adaptation®, the easy-to-use framework that shows you where and how to intervene to help people thrive

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Working with us, you will have access to our unique set of tools:

  • A comprehensive assessment tool – The Assessment of Dynamic Adaptation® to identify personal and organisational areas of strength and vulnerability
  • A framework to show you when and how to intervene – The Model of Dynamic Adaptation®, your finger on the pulse of your workforce’s wellbeing
  • Evidence based interventions, ranging from mental health awareness to Trauma Preparedness, and unique training for managers
  • Development of training specific to your organisational needs
  • Individual coaching and decompression sessions
  • Provision of research services, such as evaluation of interventions and measuring (psychological) intervention effectiveness.


To help you get started, we’ve produced a free eBook to guide you through:

  • Considering what expertise and resources you already have
  • The MDA®, the evidence-based model that helps us understand the factors that influence whether or not people thrive
  • Case studies to help you think about all the aspects that affect an individual
  • Interventions to have in place