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Creating a work place where managers are confident and equipped to build highly productive and resilient teams and individuals, improving productivity, staff retention and profitability, our Managing People programme is designed just that for your business.

Our People Manager programme is based on our extensive, proven experience in empowering people, underpinned by our Model of Dynamic Adaptation® (MDA).

Validated and evidenced based, the MDA provides a framework for individuals and organisations to understand what factors empower people to thrive at work and in life. Find out more within our free eBook Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Wellbeing in the workplace | free ebook | Good mental health at work

Programme Delivery

You may wish to offer this training to discrete cohorts of managers. Cohorts could be prioritised according to criteria such as grade, experience and ADA® assessment results.

Alternatively, a programme could be published, and managers join as and when they can, or a combination of delivery methods.

We would be happy to advise if required.

  • Core Modules will ideally be delivered face-to-face but can be delivered online with an interactive format
  • Additional modules are all delivered live, online with interactive format
  • Sessions may be recorded and made available via our website, accessible for the duration of the programme via a unique password*
  • Some reflection and observation work between sessions will be required
  • Recommended reading is offered, thought not compulsory

*Additional fees apply

People Manager Programme

“The time-of-day people most dislike, is the time they spend with their boss.

“This says something about the management style that we have been generating in recent years. There is too much rule by the creation of anxiety and fear, and not enough by motivation and enjoyment and inspiration. We need bosses who will inspire, and lead by inspiring, rather than by frightening people.”

Lord Richard Layard, Founder and Director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics

While it might be tempting to lay the blame firmly at the door of managers, in reality, we know only around 20% of organisations train their staff in the skills to effectively lead, inspire, and motivate their people. How can someone be expected to do well in a task or role for which they have no experience or training? Would we expect the same from a doctor or civil engineer?

It’s time support our managers and equip them with the right tools to do a good job.

Our highly effective People Manager programme is designed to ensure key learning combined with bespoke training dependent on existing skills, development needs and senior leader recommendation. In this way our People Manager programme is highly adaptable throughout businesses and organisations, irrespective of sector, role or seniority.

Courses available to book

Trainers internal to your organisation can be trained to deliver all the above modules with the exception of the Challenge of Change® as this programme is licensed to Petros via a third-party.

Covering the core modules and any combination of optional modules, the Train the Trainer programme is delivered over five days with groups of four attendees. Talk to us about availability and fees.

Training internal trainers involves a contractual arrangement with Petros, whereby royalty fees become due each time a module is delivered.  Petros undertakes to provide supervision and support for trainers and ensure module content is kept up to date.