Our team have in-depth, expert knowledge and experience of working within and supporting the Criminal Justice system.

Founder and Director of Petros Professor Jo Clarke PhD, worked within the sector for 23 years, supporting people in highly demanding jobs and situations that often involved exposure to potential trauma.

Jo’s work in the field led to her PhD and development of the Model of Dynamic Adaptation; a unique methodology designed to support organisations and individuals to, not simply cope, but manage mindhealth in a positive and productive way.

Petros - resilience training for good mental health

Resilience for Prisoners

A short guide to support the resilience and mindhealth of prisoners during crisis and lockdown, including:

  • Coping with change
  • Looking for the benefits
  • Helping others

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‘The Survivor Tree and Me’

Resilience for Prison Officers and Frontline Staff

A guide, packed with tips and support for Prison Staff and all frontline teams that regularly face challenging and potentially traumatic situations, including:

  • How to keep a clear head
  • How to keep focus
  • Managing your energy

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Resilience, You Have Got What it Takes!

Resilience for Senior Prison Leaders

A brief guide to support good mindhealth for senior prison leaders during lockdown. Looking at meeting the needs of others, the demands of highly pressured situations and the avoidance of stress, including managing:

  • Physical energy
  • Emotional energy
  • Mental energy