Happy, resilient people means a stronger, better business

Resilience for Business

Read here some of our latest testimonials and find out how the people we work with feel about us and our impact on them, their colleagues and businesses.

On the Challenge of Change Programme…

“Feedback from staff has been very positive, ranging from ‘the course ended too early for me’ to ‘since attending the course, I’ve not experienced any further migraines’. Perhaps it’s simplicity is what sets it apart: staff came expecting gimmicks and techniques, and instead went away with the understanding that they always have a choice or can ‘drop the peanut’. In essence, the program is helping us introduce a common language across the business in relation to understanding that stress is always bad, whereas pressure can be good. We have had US/UK staff go through the training and it works across cultures. Our corporate insurer regards this program as best practice and has helped with pilot funding. Demonstrating our commitment to the program longer-term, we have even seen our Employers’ Liability premium come down.”

M. D. : EME Risk Manager – Cummins

On trainer Jo Clarke…

“As a trainer/facilitator, Jo is up there with the best. Her relaxed approach draws the best out of groups – that’s certainly the feedback we’ve received from staff that have gone through the Challenge of Change program. As program sponsor within the company, I have introduced Jo to many of our functional experts: HR, Legal, HSE, Risk, Finance, Purchasing, IT, Recruitment, Real Estate and so on. Everyone has been impressed by her ability to make complex subject matter both simple and engaging. Backed up by her academic standing and breadth of experience in the real-world, Jo is easy to relate to and so far, hasn’t faced a question or audience that she hasn’t been able to deal with. I’d recommend both the program and Jo, as a trainer to any organisation.”

M. D. : EME Risk Manager – Cummins

“The Challenge of Change course has had a deep and lasting effect on me, both at work and at home.  Before attending I knew that I needed to improve my ability to cope with the demands of my job and my life, and the effect these had on me, I just didnt know how to do this!  I had tried all the usual things like exercise and less healthy options, but I didnt realise that I was only dealing with the symptoms and not the causes.  I now know how to deal with the causes and that my response to these causes is a choice; and if I want to respond differently and to feel different then I can choose to do that, helped by the new tools and knowledge that I now have.”

P. M.: Portakabin Group

“Jo Clarke is a talented and inspirational trainer. She delivered the Challenge of Change, an approach to build and strengthen manager resilience. In a Social Care setting resilience is a key attribute: manager resilience impacts on the performance of every member of their team. The training programme was very well received and in addition to positive feedback from managers who attended, there was an equally impressive increase in resilience and attendant reduction in absence among their teams.

“Challenge of Change delivers a real and lasting impact for individuals, for teams and on the business bottom line.”

S. M.: United Response

“Jo Clarke took our group by the hand and guided us to a better place.  Her delivery, method and materials are just perfect in engaging a group, whilst allowing each individual to learn about themselves, and to take away the things that are most meaningful.  Thank you Jo, for making a real difference.”

P. M.: Portakabin Group

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) offers a radical, compassionate and highly effective alternative.  It is a non-punitive, non-adversarial, collaborative skills building and relationship-enhancing intervention that works!

Petros Director Jo Clarke is currently the only Certified CPS Practitioner in the UK and can offer CPS coaching to parents, carers, and professionals, including: teachers, social workers, foster carers, youth workers and mental health workers who work with children with social, emotional and behavioural challenges.