Typical Educational Assessment

What can you expect from a typical educational assessment with Petros?

A typical educational assessment at Petros has a wholly positive approach and our focus is to identify the child’s strengths and then offer recommendations tailored to these strengths to help them overcome any areas of concern.

Our assessments identify the cognitive strengths and weaknesses and educational attainment of every child. We look at all areas of relevance to that child – language skills (spoken or understanding), memory (short term memory, working memory), reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension, spelling and maths (written and reasoning), attention and self image. We also carry out diagnostic testing as appropriate for the individual child.

“During my assessment I felt calm and safe. The tasks were fun. The results, I know, will help me for the rest of my life.”   Phoebe, aged 15

Research increasingly shows that learning differences do not fit into neat boxes, so we firmly believe that it is important that all relevant aspects of the child’s profile are investigated as difficulties can offer co-occur, for example reading and language difficulties.

A typical morning assessment will take place from 10am at our Petros offices in York with Dr Sophie Brigstocke. We start with settling the child (and parent) and introductions. Depending on the age of the child, they often like to bring something to show – a favourite toy, a trophy or piece of work that they are proud of. We confirm the aim of the assessment and the parent typically leaves Dr Brigstocke to work with the child for around two hours. Informal breaks are taken as often as needed with a formal break at for a snack and drink.

Girl studying - collaborative and proactive solutions (CPS) Petros, UK

The parent usually returns to pick up their child at around noon. Prior to leaving Dr Brigstocke is able to give some preliminary feedback for around 20 minutes. If you do not wish you child to be present at the feedback session, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange for supervision.

About Dr Sophie Brigstocke

Sophie has been carrying out educational assessments for over 10 years. She is registered as an Educational Psychologist with the Health Professionals Council (ref: PYL28860) and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Sophie is interested in the development of tools to assess learning differences and recently authored the Test of Basic Arithmetic and Number Skills published by Oxford University Press. You can read Sophie Brigstocke’s Petros biography here.


We aim to send out reports within four weeks of assessing your child.

We recommend that the report is shared with the school to ensure that your child receives the most appropriate educational support. However, We will not contact your child’s school directly without your permission


Full assessments cost £800.

This training is a follow on programme and ideally participants will have already have attended the half-day Petros Mental Health Awareness Programme.

This training involves:
Demonstration and practice
Skills practice
Group work