COVID-19 Policy

At 13th March 2020

This policy is subject to change without notification, please check back from time to time.

We have written this guidance in line with current advice, which we all know is subject to daily change. But please be assured that the Petros Team will adhere to all official advice and our team members will do everything they can to ensure no risk is presented by them to your organisation.

Here are the steps we will be taking:

  • We will follow all government advice regarding, for example, hygiene, travel, self-isolation and gatherings.
  • We will adhere to your organisational COVID-19 policies/guidance.
  • Where there is a discrepancy between such advice/guidance or policies, we will follow the advice that we consider poses the least risk to your organisation and our team members.

Pre-booked training and cancellations

  • Unless directed otherwise, we will endeavour to deliver all training as planned.
  • If for any reason your original trainer (Jo, Di, Maxine, Ed, Tracy, Mark) is unable to deliver because of COVID-19 related issues, we will endeavour to replace them with another team member.
  • If we are unable to deliver the training on the set date, we would ask that you assist us in finding an alternative date for your training.
  • If your organisation needs to postpone training because of COVID-19 (rearranging for a later date), there will be no charge (this overrides contractual agreements).
  • If your organisation needs to cancel training owing to COVID-19 related issues, we will need to make a small administrative charge of 10% of the agreed fee (overriding our current Ts&Cs).
  • To avoid incurring cancelled travel costs, we will only book tickets on the day of travel, which may make them more expensive than usual – apologies.

Alternative training arrangements

We are currently looking in to software to help us deliver our training online. Please do contact us if this is an option for you. Some of our programmes should adapt fairly easily to this format, although not all. The nature of our work is that it is usually best delivered face-to-face.

On-going support

These are unprecedented circumstances, and many people will undoubtedly be feeling unsettled. Our team are highly qualified and experienced in helping people keep their psychological balance and will continue to be a resource to your organisation, should you need us.

Warmest wishes
The Petros Team

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Resilience for Business

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See a dramatic reduction in sickness absence: a reduction of costs and rise in performance.

Develop a resilient culture with resilient people. From individual assessments and coaching, to training an entire workforce and consultant of resilient practices – supporting the aims and profitability of your organization. Our training modules include:

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Resilience for Life

We work within schools and the wider community developing resilience in behaviourally challenging children and supporting their families.

Our child-centred interventions for teenagers and young people, who may be struggling with demands of growing up in an ever more complex world, are supported by work with key adults in their lives.

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Teenage mental health for groups. Learn more our popular resilience programme for years 7 – 10 and our focused Year 11 Resilience Training for GCSE students.

Resilience Research

Evaluation of interventions and measuring psychological treatment effectiveness

Central to our values, we always aim to ensure that everything we do is as effective and sustainable as possible. As such, all aspects of our work are thoroughly evaluated.

In addition to being highly experienced practitioners, our core team also has an extensive academic background. This ensures access to the most up-to-date research, opportunities to bid for research funding and comprehensive knowledge of research design and methodology.